Solidarity and entrepreneurship with art and summer style.
With the arrival of the summer season, the Aragonese company D'azulcobalto, specialized in design, decoration and preserved flowers, created a charitable action to welcome the summer of 2021 with style, art and solidarity.

"A wonderful hat", was the first charity online auction on Instagram Live which auctioned two hats, designed and decorated with preserved was the first charity online auction by D'azulcobalto, to which they added an artistic touch, and the two hats became a piece of art by two artists: Marta Bernad and Carlos Martín.

Each artist painted their hat with their particular style, and also each one chose an association or entity to donate the 100% of the money raised in the Instagram auction. Carlos Martín donated the money to the “Aragón Stroke Association (AIDA)” and Marta Bernad to the “Premature intensive care unit of the Miguel Servet Hospital” in Zaragoza.

These pieces of art were auctioned on June 24 through the social network Instagram of @deazulcobalto, in a direct through IG Live, and took place at the Carmen Terreros Art Gallery in Zaragoza.

"With the action we pursue a double objective, to contribute socially to the different associations to which the funds will be allocated and to promote the knowledge of highly talented Aragonese artists", comments Paula Peña, co-founder of D`azulcobalto and promoter of the event.


In addition to her collaboration as an artist in the action, Marta Bernad developed:
—The management, production and organization of the event
—And the development of the communication campaign and RRSS



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