And I am in love with the environment in which I live, Estepona, the coordinates of the place that inspired me and enriches me every day as a person and as an artist.

In my art I capture the magic of this area, for you to bring home, a bit of your own personal magic.

And I will tell you 3 things about myself:
- I´m obsessed with palm trees.
- I am in love with the sea.
- And I'm always looking for sunrises and sunsets.

All these parts of nature may seem common, but for me each and every one of them are always specials and differents.


OCT 9th, 1983
Zaragoza (Spain)
She began to develop her artistic side at the age of 9 and continued a formal education for another 12 years; this gave her the opportunity to develop multiple techniques. After that long period, today she continues her creative process in a self-taught way.

Multifaceted woman; Artist, Graduated in Law (University of Zaragoza), Master’s in Advertising Creativity, Design and Communication (Elisava Design School, Barcelona), Social Media (AERCO Spain) and she has recently studied Cultural Management (Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo, Madrid) and a Master's Degree in “Leadership and female empowerment” (Kuestiona, Barcelona).

She has developed her professional career for 10 years as an expert in marketing, Social Media and event production, and she had lived in destinations such as Barcelona, Estepona, Madrid and Gran Canaria.

She currently develops her facet as an artist in her studio in Estepona.
And since the beginning of 2022 he has undertaken Al Aire Libra, a project created to manage and develop the creation of experiences linked to art and solidarity, as well as communication consultancy, for companies and entities on the Costa del Sol (Málaga).


Inspired by nature, where the harmony of color and textures unfold on the canvas. The energy of the sea and sunlight are always present in her work, being her source of inspiration which you will also see on her palette.

Experimentation is a constant vibe that is reflected in her work. Her technique works with the chance of playing a game and develops into a production of “a living, free and constant evolving creation”, where the mixture of different artistic techniques and emotional input come together to create a perfect balance between chaos and order.


Guest Artist Art Gaucín 2022, Gaucín, 2022.

Prize of the jury for the best photography of the 1st Exhibition of Arts SANITAS, Madrid, 2010.

First prize for painting in Aragón, thematic "Goya", Banco Central Hispano, Zaragoza, 1996.

Fourth prize for painting of Aragón, thematic "The two faces of the world", Banco Central Hispano, Zaragoza, 1999.


“PAREIDOLIA”, painting exhibition, Art Gaucín 2022, Gaucín (Málaga), May - Jun 2022.

“PARADISE”, painting exhibition, Casa Museo de las Tejerinas, Estepona (Málaga), Oct 2021.

“MAREA”, painting exhibition, Florida Beach, Cala de Mijas (Málaga), Jul – Aug 2021.

 "CELEBRITIS", painting and collage exhibition, Mú Restauración, Zaragoza, 2013.


A wonderful hat”, artistic collaboration with D´Azulcobalto: a solidarity auction, Zaragoza, Jun 2021.

Artistic collaboration with “Carrera del Gancho” in a mural painting with neighbors and passersby, Zaragoza, Sept 2012.

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